Charlotte Turner

Charlotte Turner (born 1970) attended Hereford College of Arts 1986-1990 and now lives and works near Crediton, Devon. She is a member of the Newlyn Society of Artists.

“The watery arenas of Charlotte Turner’s paintings transport the viewer to a kind of subterranean dream space. Turner’s work emerges from solitary exploration of the Southwest coast, which is reflected in the natural forms and aqueous planes that are unveiled through layers of paint and marks.

“Looking into her paintings is synonymous with gazing into a forgotten tidal pool: the mystery infused in her work generating almost folkloric or otherworldly associations. The artist captures expertly the depth of both visual and mental involvement within tidal spaces. As viewers, we are confronted with the light and reflections which play upon the paintings surface, and the world beneath.

“We look into and through her paintings: lingering on the layers of paint, the lost and found forms of rocks or pebbles, occasionally we are met with a lonesome figure. She discloses these spaces to us, provoking an emotive, psychological response, as if we are gazing into our half-forgotten internal pools of wistfulness.” Kate Reeves Edwards, Culture Capital